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Students are awarded SSC scholarships on the basis of SSC results. Those whose results are much better are given Talent Pool Scholarships. In addition, the rest of the students are given General Scholarships.

Scholarship students receive special grants from the government. As the SSC examination is over, the results of the SSC scholarship will be released soon. Many of you can’t figure out the results of the scholarship.

If you read our today’s post carefully, I hope you will be able to find out the results online or offline. So I think you should read carefully from the beginning to the end of the post.

SSC Scholarship Result 2024 PDF

Scholarships are awarded to students on each board. There are two types of scholarships offered to students. One is the Talentpool Scholarship, the other is the General Scholarship.

Those who get scholarships in Talent Pool are given 600 taka per month. Those who grow normally are paid 350 taka per month. Students up to a maximum of two years are thus given taka.

A total of 39,000 students receive scholarships from the government. Of these, 9,000 students receive scholarships in the talent pool and the remaining 30,000 students receive general scholarships.

ssc scholarship result 2024 dhaka board

Talent Pool Scholarship students get 7000 taka per year and General Scholarship students get 4800 taka per year. Today’s post discusses the rules for finding out the results of 2024 SSC Scholarship.

SSC Scholarship Result 2024

So this post is important for everyone. If you want, you can download the PDF file of the result by clicking on the download button. The result can be saved on mobile.

Hope you enjoyed the post. The results of any test can be easily checked online. All you need is an internet connection. If you want to see the results of SSC 2024 Scholarship online,

check SSC Scholarship Result from online

The easiest way to get the results of any test is to get the results through a message. Many mobiles do not have internet option. then all you have to do is-

Download: SSC Scholarship Result 2024

1. First you need to enter the official website of the board you want to see the results of the board. For example, if Dhaka Board, the website will be

2. Then go to the website and click on the SSC Corner option. 3. Go there and click on SSC Scholarship Result 2024 option. If the result is not given, then you have to check the latest notice. If the result is published, you will get your result there.

ssc scholarship result 2024 chattogram board

If they want, they can see the results of any test without internet. For this, first go to the message option of the mobile and type SSC / Dakhil.

Then you have to give space and type the first three letters of the board you want to get the test results. Then you have to give your roll number with space.

Finally, you have to write the year of the test with space. When the message is written, it should be sent to 16222. The process is shown through an example SSC DHA 111017 2024.

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