SSC Exam Marks Distribution 2024 BD

Do you want to know about the standard distribution of SSC exams? Then we are going to discuss the information related to you thoroughly through this article.

Read the article carefully from beginning to end. As you know, the SSC exam ended on December 30. This year’s SSC exam on coronavirus has been different.

The number distribution of SSC exam 2024 is going to be different. In this case the total marks for science department are 37 and pass number is 13. The total number of humanities department is 50 pass mark 17.

SSC Exam Marks Distribution 2024 BD

And the total number 50 and pass number 17 of the Commerce Department. Many of you wanted to know about the distribution of SSC exams in 2024 and today we will discuss the relevant information through this article.

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Earlier, the total time for SSC written and MCQ exams was fixed at three hours. Of these, two hours and thirty minutes are given for the written test and 30 minutes for the MCQ test.

In that case all public examination times including SSC and HSC have been changed. The main reason for the change in the 2024 SSC exam deadline is the low attendance of students in the class.

ssc mark distribution 2024

The Ministry of Education of the Government of Bangladesh has the right to take different decisions at different times. So friends, I have given you all the information through this.

Today we will discuss in front of you the information of 2024 admissions and distribution of exams. Read the article carefully from beginning to end. This time the SSC exam has been one and a half hours instead of 3 hours.

One hour and 10 minutes out of one and a half hours is given for written test. The remaining 20 minutes are set aside for MCQ testing. The student has to answer a total of two creative questions in 10 minutes per hour.

SSC Mark Distribution 2024 Dhaka Board

And within 20 minutes the examinee has to answer the MCQ question. Information and regulations of all these have been published by the Board of Secondary and Higher Education.

All the rules we have published on our website. I gave them the pdf file in front of you. Can see you Dhaka Municipality has said that all the eight boards of education in Bangladesh have to follow all the procedures.

Written and MCQ exams will be held within an hour and a half. The examinee has to answer the complete question within one and half hours.

check ssc mark distribution for all education board

Candidates of science department have to take written and MCQ test within one and half hours. Science examinees have to answer two written questions

or creative questions in the first one hour and 10 minutes. And must answer twelve MCQ questions in the next 20 minutes. After that, it will not be extended any more time.

If you want to know any more information, please let us know in the comments section of our website. I will try to let you know them well.

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