Brac Bank Scholarship 2024 Circular, Apply, Result

Welcome friends to register today. Today we are going to present to you the information of scholarship for BRAC Bank students through this article. As you know, BRAC Bank provides stipends to the poorest and marginalized students.

Those of you who are poor meritorious students. They can take BRAC Bank stipend. How do you do this? I am trying to present that information to you. Read the article carefully from beginning to end.

Find out more about applying for a BRAC Bank Scholarship. If you want to take BRAC Bank stipend. You must apply online. Let us discuss this in more detail.

brac bank scholarship 2024

Since 2015, BRAC Bank has launched their stipend activities. Those of you who have taken SSC and HSC exams. Got above 4.5 in SSC exam and 4.5 in HSC exam. They can apply for a stipend.

In addition, BRAC Bank is offering stipends for undergraduate students and for postgraduate PhD and MPhil level students. It also provides separate stipends for students under the National University and for students of the Polytechnic Institute.

In this case at the rate of 2500 taka per month and 3000 taka per month for study equipment. But you will get 2500 taka per month. After that your scholarship will be renewed every year at the rate of result.

Brac University scholarship for undergraduate level

Today I will present to you the scholarship information under BRAC Bank. As you know, the university administration introduces stipends for admission to various public universities.

Following this, BRAC University is providing stipends to their students. In this case you need to get GPA 5 in SSC and HSC exams. Must get GPA 4.94 in every semester exam.

In this case, undergraduate students of the university can be admitted through stipend. In this case, the university authorities provide scholarships ranging from 10% to 90% depending on the result.

Brac Bank Scholarship Circular 2024

Then friends, I informed you all the information through registration. If you want to know any more information, please let us know in the comments section of our website.

We will try to give you all kinds of information. Today we are trying to present to you various scholarship information of BRAC Bank through this registration.

There was a request to read the article carefully from beginning to end. You can get complete information from Also, the application process can know all the information to qualify to apply.

BRAC Bank Scholarship Result 2024

Also if you get GPA 5. In both the exams you will definitely get 80 to 90 percent scholarship. In this case an additional 3000 taka will be available for study with 1000 taka per month.

Then I informed you about the BRAC Bank stipend information by registering over the phone. I hope you know all the information.

You can download the PDF file of BRAC Bank stipend from our website. You can also check out the image file we have published for your convenience.

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