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The school was closed for 18 months due to the Corona epidemic. At present, the activities of all educational institutions are running normally due to the outbreak of corona.

The elective subject of Science Group is that the students of Chemistry, Physics and Advanced Mathematics will complete the practical book as per SSC Exam 2024.

Today we will give you all the information through this post, how to create a practical book of higher mathematics, physics, chemistry and agricultural education.

If you want to get good test results, you must get good marks in practical test. Then you will run ahead of the results of others. Creating a biology practical book is a little harder

than other subjects in the science department. In this case, different types of pictures have to be drawn in this regard. But it is not easy for everyone to draw this picture.

But you must create your own account. If you create your own account with others. In that case, you can’t learn anything. So you have to draw well.

Biology Practical SSC 2024 Answer

Today we will show you through this post how to create a biology book. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

In this case, the Bangladesh National Curriculum text book which has determined. These are available to buy at any library. They have to be taken.

Today we will do SSC practical exam questions through this post. Biology, chemistry, physics and higher mathematics are two practical experiments.

SSC 2024 Practical Answer all Subjects

In this case, a total of four questions come from biology. From there one has to determine the subject matter of any two practical tests. In that case last year came the observation

of plant cells (onion) animal cells amoeba with the help of a microscope. Testing the essentialness of light in the process of photosynthesis. Examination of heat emission in the process of respiration.

Observation of different stalks of ideal flowers. For your convenience, we have discussed on our website the answer sheet of 2024 Biology Practical

and detailed information on how to create a book. I hope it worked for you. SSC exam in front of everyone will be SSC practical exam again after SSC exam.

So if you want to get good marks in exams, you must get good marks in practical exams. But you do not know what to write practical test. So in front of you,

I gave you the PDF file of the question paper of SSC practical exam of 2021. You can get some idea by looking at these question papers. This is how to apply in the exam and what is the number in the exam.

So friends, how did you like today’s article? Please let me know by commenting. For your convenience, we have tried to convey all the information through our post.

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