Ramadan 2024

Today Sehri Time Dhaka 2024 Published by Islamic Foundation

The Islamic Foundation has announced the schedule of Sehri and Iftar for the month of Ramadan this year. The schedule has been published from April 3, the start date of the month of Ramadan.

According to the schedule, the last time of Sehri in Dhaka on April 3 is 4:28 in the morning and the time of Iftar is 6:19 in the evening. However, you know that Sehri and Iftar are not performed at the same time every day.

And the Iftar schedule changes day by day. So you can get daily Sehri and Iftar schedules from our website for free. So friends, let’s not talk too much, let’s talk about this in more detail.

Today Sehri Time Dhaka

Usually, fasting starts depending on the sighting of the moon. Two May 30 fasts will be completed which started from 3rd April. According to this schedule, Sehri’s last time was taken

as a precautionary measure 3 minutes before Sadiq in the morning and 3 minutes after Sadiq at the beginning of Fajr time. It has been mentioned that Fajr Azan should be given 6 minutes

after the last time of Sehri. Today’s Dhaka Sehri last time is 4:20 and today’s Sehri Iftar last time is 6:24 pm. So friends, how was today’s article? Don’t forget to comment. 

sehri time dhaka today islamic foundation

If you want to get any more information, please visit our website. No matter where you are from. He is getting Sehri and Iftar schedules everywhere through our website.

Sehri Time in Dhaka Today 2024

For your convenience, we have gone to the Islamic Foundation to prepare Sehri and Iftar schedule. We have given it on our website. Through this post, I discuss with you the

Sehri and Iftar are scheduled according to 2024 location on our website. If you want to get more Sehri and Iftar schedule, click on the link given on our website.

sehri time in dhaka today 2024

Those of you who want to get the schedule of Sehri and Iftar of Chittagong district then come to our website. The schedule published

Today Sehri Time Dhaka

by the Islamic Foundation is applicable to Dhaka district. But separate sehri and iftar schedule for the Chittagong district is

revealing today’s sehri and iftar schedule. The last time of today’s Chittagong Sehri on our website is at 4:14 in the morning.

today sehri last time in dhaka bangladesh

And the last time of Iftar is 6:14 and the time of Fajr will start at 4:20. So friends, today we have discussed the schedule of

Sehri and Iftar in Chittagong district in detail through this post. You must follow the schedule of Sehri and Iftar and accept Iftar.

Since Sehri is an act of worship to be accepted within a specified time. So you must take care of this.

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