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Robi Recharge Offer 2024 [Internet, Minute, Call Rate] রিচার্জ অফার দেখুন

Those of you who are Robi SIM users and Robi customers must want to know about the various recharge offers. Today we will discuss various Robi recharge offers in front of you through this post.

These offers are basically called rate cut offers. This offer is basically called for that. Because you will be eligible for several internet and minute call rate offers by recharging a certain amount of fee

For that, you must use Robi SIM. So guys, without further ado let’s start with the main discussion. Let’s see what kind of recharge offers are there.

Dear friends, I am trying to inform you through Robi recharge offers that you can use it by recharging a certain amount. Your 18 taka recharge can talk at a call rate of just 48 paise per minute.

Which will be valid for two days. 44 taka recharge can talk at 50 paise per minute call rate. Which will be valid for 7 days only. But if you recharge 44 taka it will be added to the original balance.

After this you can enjoy your A call rate offer. I hope that through this post I have been able to give you a detailed idea about several recharge offers in Arabia.

Besides, you can talk at 50 paisa per minute call rate on 56 taka recharge. Which will be valid for 10 days only. You want to talk about call rate at 49 taka and inquire about recharge offer.

Through this post, I will discuss in detail about the 49 taka recharge offer in front of you if you recharge 49 taka on Robi SIM. Then you can talk for 50 paise per minute.

Which will be valid for 15 days only. Also get 49 MB internet, 49 SMS. Which will be applicable for use on any network. Hope you like it. If you want more information. You can visit our website.

Robi Recharge Offer 2024

You can accept Robi’s 106 taka recharge offer. 106 taka recharge lets you talk at 48 paise per minute call rate. Which has a validity of only one month.

But along with that, you will get 106 megabytes of internet, 106 MMS. If you recharge your account 106 taka by visiting any recharge center.

Then it will be added to the principal balance. You can talk with VAT SDSC and a total call rate of 60 paise per minute. In this situation if you recharge 106 taka again.

Then the time will be extended with the said period. I hope I have been able to provide you with detailed information through this post.

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