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Robi MB Transfer 2024 Code & System [ Robi to GP MB Transfer]

Are you looking to transfer MB from Robi to Robi number? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Today in this post we will discuss in detail about MB transfer from Robi to Robi number.

So read the post with full attention without delay. There are several mobile SIM operators in Bangladesh. Robi is one of them. If you are using Robi SIM then you can easily transfer

MB to your well wisher or anyone else. Transferring MB is basically not transferring from your account. Transferring MB basically means that you can send MB

from your mobile as a gift to someone before buying it. If you want to know more about these topics, read this post of ours with full attention.

Many people want to know about MB transfer, minute transfer from one SIM to another SIM by searching online. For your information, you cannot transfer MB or minutes

from one SIM to another SIM in any SIM operator. Only balance can be transferred. If you want to send MB or minutes to someone, you can buy CT and send it as a gift.

However, you cannot send the minutes or MB in your account as a gift. If you want to send MB transfer or gift from Robi to Robi number then you need to download My Robi apps first.

In that case you need to download these apps from google play store. After downloading the app you have to login there. Login and select MB or My Internet option,

select Gift option above and set how many MB you want to send. After submitting there, type the number to which you want to send MB and submit. Then the MB will be transferred

or sent from your mobile to his number. If you want to transfer MB from Robi to Robi number then you can do it according to the above rules. But if you want to transfer MB

Robi MB Transfer 2024

from Robi to Airtel number then it will never be possible. Because the operators have not yet given any opportunity to transfer MB from one SIM operator to another SIM operator.

But it is expected that SIM operators will keep that opportunity very soon. If you want to transfer MB from Robi to Robi then you can do it from My Robi apps.

In this case, you will get these apps from the Google Play Store. If you want to know about Banglalink to Banglalink money transfer or MB transfer then keep an eye on our website.

Our website has discussed in detail the rules for transferring money from Banglalink to Banglalink, Robi to Robi, Airtel to Airtel, Grameen to Grameen and Teletalk to Teletalk.

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