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We will discuss CDMS Real Server in this post today. Besides, we will discuss in this post about training servers and apps of CDMS. Those of you who want to know more about this can read our post.

By reading this post of ours you can know detailed information about CDMS. CDMS stands for Crime Data Management System. This is a project related to all the

investigative information of Bangladesh Police. Nowadays it is controlled through modern information technology. CDMS or Crime Data Management System has two servers.

We will also tell you how you can login to this server. Stay with the post to know about this. Bangladesh Police stores the information of the accused accused in the cases of all police stations

across the country through CDMS. Also through this server the information of criminal cases, general diaries, missing persons are stored. Through this software it is possible to identify

and arrest an accused person very easily. If you want to login to that server, you need to enter a browser first. After that you have to search by writing the official website name of Bangladesh Police.

The official website of Bangladesh Police is www.cdms.police.gov.bd. After that if you want to enter the real server of CDMS then you have to login with username, VP number and password.

And then you can see different types of information about criminals. CDMS or Crime Data Management System has two servers. One is the real server and the other is the training server.

New police personnel are trained through this training server. To enter this server you have to provide all the information as per the above rules. After that there will be an option

CDMS Real Server

called training server click on that server. Then you can enter the training server and practice all these subjects. Apart from the website of CDMS, you can know everything through the app.

Many people don’t know how to download CDMS apps. And so we have discussed this in detail in our post. If you want to download cdms app first you need to enter google play store

and enter cdms++ and click search button. Then you can see the apps and from there you can download it by clicking the download button. In addition to these topics, we have published a number of posts

on various other topics on our website. If you visit our website regularly and read the posts on our website, you will always get detailed information on various topics.

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