Padma Bridge Paragraph [300 & 250 Words] for HSC, SSC

Padma Bridge is the largest bridge in Bangladesh. This Padma Bridge was built with the own funding of the Bangladesh government. It was inaugurated on 25 June 2022.

After much speculation, this bridge has now turned into a reality. Do you want to know about Padma Bridge paragraph? Then this post is for you. We will discuss the paragraph

on Padma Bridge today in this post. So read the post with full attention. Through various speculations, this Padma Bridge has now seen the light of day under the current government.

Padma Bridge Paragraph

Initially, the World Bank was supposed to finance this bridge, but later the World Bank stopped financing the Padma Bridge due to allegations of corruption. As a result, the Bangladesh

government has been able to build or build the current Padma Bridge through many adverse circumstances with its own funding. Behind this is the tireless work of thousands of people.

The Padma Bridge connects the districts of South West region of Bangladesh. A total of 21 districts of South West region have been connected with Dhaka.

padma bridge paragraph hsc 2022

As a result, these backward districts will now play a major role in the development of the economy. Padma Bridge is 6.15 km long and this bridge has a width of 18.18 m.

Padma Bridge Paragraph for HSC

This bridge connects Shariatpur district with Munshiganj district. Rail link is being established at Padma Bridge. As a result, the south-western districts will now be easily connected to Dhaka by rail.

At present, you can go from Dhaka to Khulna by rail. But for this you have to travel a lot through Rajshahi. As a result it takes a lot of time. Once the railway work of Padma bridge is completed,

padma bridge paragraph 300 words

there will be rail connection from Dhaka to Khulna division and other districts. Which will play a leading role in development. If you go to the mobile Google map and search by typing Padma Bridge,

Padma Bridge Paragraph Download

then the Padma Bridge will be shown there very easily. If you can’t search through Google Maps or have any problem then visit the link below. You can easily see Padma Setu on Google Map

on your mobile by entering the link below. The link is https://maps.app.goo.gl, However, if you want to see the Google map of Padma Bridge on mobile, your mobile must be an Android phone.

Padma Bridge paragraph for ssc 2022

Google Play Store is not supported on Button phones. If you want, you can know the location of Padma Bridge by Google map search from computer. If you want to know about screen bridge paragraph

for SSC candidates then check above paragraph. Here is some information about Padma Bridge mentioned above. You can use it as SSC exam paragraph if you want.

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