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Banglalink MB Transfer 2024 Code & System [How to Transfer MB from Banglalink to Airtel, GP]

Many times the balance, minutes and SMS on the mobiles of our various relatives or well-wishers are exhausted. In that case we want to give them some MB, minutes,

balance as a gift or balance transfer. Today we will discuss these topics in this post. If you want to know details about Banglalink to Banglalink MB transfer then this post is for you.

Because in this post today we will discuss how to transfer MB from Banglalink to Banglalink. So read the post with full attention without delay. Nowadays information technology is very advanced,

we can easily gift balance, minutes, SMS or MB to each other. In this case, transfer can basically mean balance transfer. Cannot transfer MB or minutes to any operator.

You can only transfer balance from Banglalink to Banglalink if you want. If you want to transfer MB or minutes to someone then basically send it as a gift. In that case, you can use My Banglalink Apps.

If you want someone to transfer MB from Banglalink to Banglalink number then you have to send it as a gift. In that case you need to download My Banglalink Apps.

To download My Banglalink apps, type My Banglalink in the mobile play store and search. Download the My Banglalink app from here and login there.

Later, you will get the gift option when purchasing internet or balance on Banglalink apps. Click on that gift option and type the number to whose number you are going to transfer MB and send.

Then MB will be transferred from your mobile to your well-wisher or sent as a gift. In this case, you must remember that in case of gift or transfer, money will be deducted

from your account and it will go to your well-wisher’s account for free. If you want to transfer MB from Banglalink to Grameen SIM then we are sorry to inform you

Banglalink MB Transfer 2024

that you cannot transfer MB from Banglalink to Grameen SIM. You can only transfer MB, minutes or balance from Banglalink to Banglalink number.

Because there is no opportunity to transfer minutes, balance or MB from one operator’s SIM to another operator’s SIM. But we can expect

SIM operators to introduce this facility very soon. For your information, you can easily recharge Banglalink mobile balance from bKash.

However, you cannot transfer balance from Banglalink to bKash. If you want to know more about how to transfer balance from bKash to Banglalink

or recharge mobile, keep an eye on this post. A few posts have been published on our website about mobile recharge from bKash. You can get detailed information there.

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