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Do you want to know about Digital Bangladesh online quiz competition? Then you are in the right place. Today we will discuss this in detail in this post. Digital Bangladesh Day Online

Quiz Competition is basically a quiz competition organized on the occasion of 50 years of independence of Bangladesh. Here are the age categories of those who can participate.

There is basically Group A for 18 to 12 years, Group B for 13 to 18 years and Group C for those above 19 years. You can attend any group according to your age.

A total of 21 prizes will be awarded in the Digital Bangladesh Quiz Competition. Those prizes are the first seven winners who will be given big prizes. The first winner will get the laptop.

He will get a Core i7 laptop. Second, third prize is Core i7 respectively. Its generation is 5. Moreover, the fifth to seventh prizes are smartphones. The quiz competition is basically

divided into three groups. 18 to 12 years, 13 to 18 years and above 18. A contestant can participate only once. Participating with incorrect or false information will result in disqualification

from the competition. There are several rules regarding this competition. They are 21 minutes each. All questions are worth the same. However, 0.25 points will be deducted for each mistake.

The winner will be selected from the highest number of respondents in the shortest time. Final winners will be awarded according to age category. Individuals and family members

directly involved in the implementation of the competition cannot participate in the competition. There are several things you need to master in order to participate in the competition.

Those topics are Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Life Ideology, Mujib Year, Digital Bangladesh Day, Digital Bangladesh Project, Four Pillars of Digital Bangladesh,

quiz.digital bangladesh.gov.bd 2024

Election Manifesto, All E-Services, Golden Jubilee of Independence, Liberation War Achievements of Bangladesh including questions to be set.

will be So you need to have a detailed understanding of those subjects. Otherwise, you cannot survive in the competition. If you want to accept to participate in the competition,

you can easily participate. The website link is published below. You can participate in the contest from there. The link is quiz.digitalbangladesh.gov.bd, You can enter the contest by entering this link.

For more detailed information on how to compete visit the above link and read the tutorial instructions. Moreover, you should have a proper understanding of the above mentioned topics

before participating in the competition. If you want, you can study those subjects in detail right now at your home or sitting at home. Then you will benefit to some extent in contributing to the competition.

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