NU Grading System Bangladesh [Percentages, Calculator]

We will discuss the grading system of National University today in this post. National University has introduced the method of publishing results in grading system. There are many who do not understand

this grading system. So we will tell you about the grading system of National University in detail. If you are interested in knowing all these details then read our post completely carefully.

National University publishes CGPA by calculating the total GPA of first year, second year and third year. Many of you know that CGPA is a composite result for four year GP.

NU Grading System

National University publishes only GPA results of Honors first year students. 2nd and 3rd year also reveal results similarly. And in the fourth year, the total GPA is added and the CGPA is calculated

and the result is published. There are many people who want to know National University or National University Grading System. So we will give details about it here. If you score more than 80% in a subject,

your grade will be A+ and the grade point will be four points. If you score less than 75 to 80% your grade will be A and the points will be 3.75. 70 to less than 75% is grade A – and points are 3.50.

Degree grading system

65 to less than 70% B+ and points 2.25. Grade B, 3.00 points if 60 to 65% do so. 55 to 60% will be graded as B-, 2.75 points.  A grade of 45 to 50% is C and points 2.25.

And a grade of 40 to 45% is considered D and points are 2.00. If you get 40% to less than 40% marks then the grade is considered as F or fail. Its point is zero zero.

There are many who are studying for a degree and want to know more about the degree grading system. And for this many people go online to various websites 

NU Grading System calculator

and search by typing grading system. So that you can know the details about the grading system of the degree, we have published some posts about

See: NU Grading System

the grading system of the degree on our website. If you want you can see all those posts from our website. How many apps are there

to calculate National University Grading System or to calculate CGPA. CGPA can be calculated through those apps.

national university grading scale percentages

You can also calculate your own grading system in a simple way if you want. How many posts have we published on how to calculate

the National University Grading System Calculator from any apps or from any website? Apart from National University

Grading System, we have also published several posts about Admission. Keep an eye on our website for all these details.

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