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Today through this post we will present the information about what to do in SSC ICT practical book. The SSC practical book number is given by the teachers of the ICT class of their own school.

No practical account will be required if he wishes. However, some pictures are often drawn in the practical book. your ICT Contact the teacher, he will tell you how to take the practical,

if you give the picture, then draw. In SSC, it is not usually necessary to draw any picture in the ICT practical book. However, some HTML tag usage patterns

like the image below have to be drawn or highlighted. Good news for SSC candidates. Because today we are going to tell you through this post how to write in the practical book.

You have to use ICT in practical writing and you have to be careful. You don’t have to draw pictures in a practical book. A book is given along with the practical notebook,

after writing the assignment of that book there is a page for putting pictures on the next page. You can draw if you want. They have to be cut and glued.

ICT Practical SSC 2024 Answer

An important piece of information has come before you today. Today we will tell you how to make your ICT practical. How to make ICT practical.

Today we will discuss in detail the rules for creating ICT practical books through this post. Can help to make ICT practical. You will create an ICT book on the advice of an ICT teacher.

In this case, some coding can be discussed in ICT. These codes can be used in practical tests and oral tests, so friends, I have informed you through this post.

SSC 2024 Practical Answer all Subjects

How to create your ICT practical book. I hope you understand. If you want to get more information, visit the website and find out.

I am going to start today’s article by giving good news to everyone. Today in this post we will tell you how to create your ICT Practical Book. You can make it sitting at home.

You will create every practical instruction of your ICT teacher. In this case, the book should be taken with a good margin and the values ​​should be checked properly.

Of course, you have to draw a table with a pencil. The values ​​that are inside the table. You must try to write them with a pen. So friends, through this post I have fully conveyed

all the information in front of you. Hope you understand. And if you want to get any information. There was a request to know by visiting the website.

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