Cow Price in Bangladesh 2024 [Cahiwal, Gir, Bhutti Cow] গরুর দাম দেখুন

During the Corona period, many people in Bangladesh were in a hurry to buy cows online. However, it seems that the purchase of cows online has decreased a little this year.

Because people want to buy cows with their physical and personal eyes. Online Cattle Hat – Eid ul Adha which is the biggest holy festival for Muslims is going to be held on August 1, 2024.

In this holy festival, people want to sacrifice their cattle. So all Muslims are planning to sacrifice animals. We are living in the digital age. In this modern civilization,

Cow Price in Bangladesh 2024

we are so digital that we don’t have to go out for the market. Nowadays you can buy all your necessities online. I am going to start today’s post by welcoming everyone

Those of you who are thinking of buying new animals rather than avoiding online suffering. They must come to our website and see the detailed information from our website.

Through online, you will find local, cross, Indian, Nepali, HD, Haryana, Frisian, Brahma breed cows within the budget of your choice. So today we will discuss in detail

Online cow haat in Bangladesh 2024

about the current price of one cow in front of you through this post. Last year the price of that cow was 70 to 80 thousand. The price of domestic cattle is now up to one lakh taka.

Cow Price in Bangladesh 2024

You will also get cows of different Brahma and Friesian breeds ranging from 5 lakh taka to 20 lakh taka. Through this, I have given you detailed information. Hope you understand.

Do you want to buy sacrificial cows at low prices online? Then Kings Red Meat is the best platform for you. If you want to buy Eid al-Adha sacrificial cattle, you can use this website and their Facebook page.

cow selling website bangladesh

In the case of selling cows online up front, you have to choose between 50 thousand to one lakh 50 thousand taka. If you want to buy a goat. That should be between 10 thousand taka to 25 thousand taka.

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Sadiq Agro This online cattle market platform was established in 2010. Sadiq Agro Company always tries to give the best meat among their customers.

Aiming at Eid-ul-Azha, the authorities have made arrangements for home delivery as well as sale of cattle on their website. On the other hand you can see their farm and pick your cattle from here.

gir, bhutti cow price in bangladesh

Today we have in front of you through this post what is the current price of cattle. However, it is observed that at present, the price of cattle has gone up due to the increase

Online Cow Haat in Bangladesh 2024

in the price of everything. We contacted everyone locally and talked to marginal farmers and learned that the price of beef has almost doubled this year.

So last year that animal was sold for 60 thousand taka. It is being sold for 80 to 90 thousand taka. I hope you have found out the details through this.

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