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Ansar Battalion Job Circular 2024 PDF & Salary, Rank [Download]

Ansar Battalion is a reputed army of Bangladesh. This force is always engaged in the service of the people. Today we will discuss this post about Ansar forces.

If you want to know more about Ansar Battalion then this post is for you. So read the post with full attention without delay. Ansar battalions originally migrated to Bangladesh during the Liberation War.

It has a history. A total of 11 Ansar members cooperated with the Mujibnagar government during the Bangladesh Liberation War. As a result of their cooperation,

Ansar Battalion Job Circular 2024

Bangladesh got some courage and help in times of danger. Since then, Ansar forces have maintained their reputation in Bangladesh. Ansar Battalion has several branches. This branch originated from Ansar VDP.

Ansar VDP refers to Ansar and Village Defense Forces. Ansar and Village Defense Forces are collectively known as Ansar VDP. Ansar VDP can be divided into several sections.

They are General Ansar, Ansar Battalion, VDP. General Ansar is not employed by the government. They are appointed as contractual Ansar. Battalion Ansar is a government service

bangladesh ansar battalion

 by the Government of Bangladesh. They get all kinds of benefits in government jobs. Along with that, they get the benefits of ration. The VDP is essentially a village defense force. A village defense force was formed

Ansar Battalion Salary

with the members of each union or ward in the village. These forces were originally formed as volunteers to come forward in the country’s danger. Any social activity is mainly supported by Ansar VDP members.

Moreover, VDP members help in various important tasks such as national level, elections, voter update etc. in different needs of the country. They do not get monthly basic salary from the government.

ansar battalion job circular 2024 pdf

They get allowances from the government based on work. There is government quota allocation for Ansar VDP members. If you want to apply for any government jobs then you can use Ansar VDP Quota.

Ansar Battalion Job Circular 2024

Moreover, many courses are running for VDP members at government expense. You can take those courses for free if you want. The head office of Ansar VDP is located in Khilgaon, Dhaka.

You can come to Khilgaon and visit Ansar VDP office very easily. If you come there and ask any rickshaw puller or anyone, they will show you the office of Ansar VDP.

ansar battalion salary, rank

Ansar VDP has an official website. You can access that website if you want. Ansar VDP official website link is Ansar VDP provides various notices on their official website.

You will find various notices related to the activities of Ansar VDP on their official website. To get various notices or information related to Ansar VDP,

please login to their official website. That official website link is published above. For more detailed information like this, check out other posts on our website.

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