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Airtel Minute Check 2024 Code Bangladesh [এয়ারটেল মিনিট চেক কোড]

If you are using Airtel SIM, then this post is for you. Because today in our post we will discuss about how to check airtel minutes. Also in this post we will discuss about airtel minutes offer

and how to check airtel internet balance. If you are using Airtel SIM then you can know all the information about Airtel. So without delay read this post of ours now.

Airtel is a very good telecommunication service. Airtel provides very good network service even in remote areas of our country. Due to which many people of our country use Airtel SIM.

Airtel provides network services in other countries besides our country. For this, people of other countries including our country also use Airtel SIM.

Airtel always strives to provide the highest level of service to its customers. There are many people who use Airtel SIM and buy Airtel’s minute offer. Many times it is seen that the

minutes are running out while contacting someone on the mobile phone or many customers want to see how many minutes are left after contacting someone.

But many people don’t know how to check airtel minutes. So we have discussed this in detail in this post. If you are using Airtel SIM, you can check Airtel minutes by dialing a code.

And this code is *778*0#. By dialing this code you can check Airtel minute balance. Without this code you can also check minute balance from My Airtel apps.

Airtel constantly offers various packages to its customers. For example, it offers internet package, minute package or SMS package. Among the minute offers that

Airtel has recently given to its customers is an offer of 8 taka for 12 minutes. This offer is valid for 2 days. If you want to buy this offer you need to dial this code *121*08#.

In addition to this offer, Airtel has also offered a minute offer of 85 minutes to its customers. The price of this offer is Tk 53 and you can avail the offer for 7 days.

The activation code for this offer is *121*53#. Another offer is 190 minutes for 118 taka. The validity of this offer is 10 days and the activation code for this offer is *121*0118#.

Airtel Minute Check 2024

In addition to these, Airtel also offers different types of minutes to its customers at different times. Many people use Airtel internet because of the good network service

provided by Airtel to their customers and various types of internet at low cost. And in terms of internet usage, many people want to see how much internet

balance there is in their account before the expiry date. If you want to check Airtel’s internet balance then you need to dial this code *8444#.

By dialing this crore, you can check Airtel internet balance. Besides, if you want, you can download My Airtel Apps from Google Play Store and check your internet balance from there.

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