SSC 2024 Practical Syllabus [সংক্ষিপ্ত সিলেবাস] Published Today

Many of you wanted to know the information on how to do SSC Practical Book of 2024. Today we will let you know through this post. How do you do SSC Practical?

Those are the students of the science department. They have to create physics, chemistry and ICT practical books. Again those students in the humanities department have to do geography practicals.

So those of you who are students in the science and humanities departments. How do they create the 2024 Practical Book? Today I will tell you how you can make the practical of 2024.

SSC 2024 Practical Syllabus

So today’s article is going to be very important for you. So let’s move on to the main discussion without further ado. If you want to do well in the practical exam,

you must know about the syllabus of the practical exam. Then you can get good marks in practical test. Today we will tell you through this post how you will get good results in practical exams.

Good results in practical tests work behind the scenes to do well in viva tests. Because you will see that there is a viva of practical examination. Which is the key to good numbers.

ssc 2024 physics practical syllabus

If you do well in Viva. Then you will be able to get good results in the whole practical test. So friends, read today’s article carefully and see how to create this practical book.

SSC 2024 Practical Syllabus

There are several guidelines to follow in order to answer the practical test. Those of you who wanted to know the practical book of 2024 and practical questions.

This is our post for them. If you want to get good results in the exam then you must look at last year’s question paper. This will give you a complete idea

SSC 2024 Practical Answer all Subjects

ssc 2024 practical syllabus biology

of ​​what the practical test will look like. In order to get good results in the practical test, one has to know the number distribution of the practical test. For example, the book you will create, there are numbers.

SSC 2024 Practical Syllabus PDF Download

The theoretical examination of 80 marks will be held in 100 and the examination of 20 marks will be practical. So, of course, you have to practice very well.

So that good results can be obtained in the test. We are going to start today’s article by welcoming everyone. Today we will share all the information through this post.

ssc 2024 chemistry practical syllabus

Science students have to do practicals. The rock question came up in the test. Suppose the detection of ionic and covalent compounds through an electrical conductivity test.

Suppose this test came. Now how do you make it? First, you have to write this test. Then the necessary materials must write the necessary material procedures.

Then the practical has to be done by hand. Then you have to write down the decisions that come. Then you have to finish the practical with caution and discussion. 

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