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SSC Exam Kobe Hobe 2024 [ক্লিক করে দেখুন] 2024 সালের SSC পরীক্ষা কবে

Since the 2024 SSC and equivalent examinations have been temporarily postponed. Many students are wondering if auto passes will be given this year. Students have been informed

that the test will be held even if it is late. Moreover, the Ministry of Education has said that no subject will be reduced. The subject has already been reduced.

All other subjects will be tested. But no auto pass will be given this year. Let me know through this post today when the SSC exam may start.

The SSC and equivalent examinations were scheduled to be held from June 17, 2024, but due to the deteriorating flood situation, the examinations were temporarily

postponed by the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has already published a routine

for giving SSC exams in a short syllabus format. The Ministry of Education has long stated that science, religion and moral education,

Bangladesh and World Identity, Information-and-Communication-Technology will not be tested. It was decided that these subjects would be subject mapped through JSC results.

When asked when the routine of SSC 2024 Exam will be published, several officials of the Ministry of Education said that the examination is depending on the flood situation.

In this case, if the flood situation is normal, the test will be held within a week by publishing the routine. Various media outlets have revealed when the 2024 SSC

and equivalent examinations will be held. Today we have published what kind of report on Time Television SSC exam through this post. Detailed information about him will be given.

In this case, several officials of the Ministry of Education have said that there is a possibility of examination after the sacrifice. Because only when Sylhet was flooded the situation was different.

But at present people and students are being affected by the floods all over the country. In this case, waiting for the Ministry of Education to normalize the situation may be tested

in this case after Eid-ul-Azha Qurbani Eid. For the examination, the Ministry of Education has informed us that this time the examination will be held for two hours instead of three hours.

Today we are trying to bring you the news related to SSC exam of 2024 through this post. Many of you are wondering when the 2024 SSC exam will start.

Today we will try to bring you the news of the postponed test update in 2024 through this post. 2024 SSC examination has been postponed.

The exams to be held from June 19 are not being held due to floods. Later new routine SSC equivalent examination will be taken.

Secondary examinations are being held by reducing the time of SSC examination and number of question papers. The number distribution of SSC question papers for each subject

and paper has already been published. SSC equivalent examination was to be held from 19th June. But the test was postponed due to the flood situation in the country.

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