[এইমাত্র] Sonali Bank Scholarship 2024 Circular, Apply, Result Published

Sonali Bank is the largest state owned bank in Bangladesh. This bank stands by the side of poor and meritorious students. They are providing stipends and scholarships to one-time poor meritorious students.

You can get Sonali Bank stipend. In this case, you have to adopt some methods. Then you can enjoy Sonali Bank Scholarship. Sonali Bank is announcing 10000 taka one time stipend for you.

With the largest population of the country, Sonali Bank provides education to poor meritorious students, meritorious sons and daughters of helpless freedom fighters and their disabled students.

sonali bank scholarship 2024

Today we will discuss Sonali Bank in detail here. Let us know the details as per last year’s circular. As you know, the Sonali Bank Scholarship could not be started due to the closure of the Correctional Institution due to the long Corona epidemic.

Since this time all the school institutions have been opened. So Sonali Bank has introduced stipends from first class to twelfth class. Those of you who are poor meritorious students.

They can enjoy Sonali Bank’s stipend. In this case, you will get a one time stipend of 10 thousand taka from Sonali Bank. Students who have passed SSC or equivalent examination in 2020 and are currently studying at HSC or equivalent level can apply.

sonali bank hsc scholarship Circular 2024

Online application form printed by the applicant nominated in the preliminary selection. Certificate of Study issued by the Head / Head of Department of the present educational institution.

Sonali Bank Scholarship 2024 Circular

Monthly Income Certificate of Student Parent from Union Parishad / Municipality / City Corporation Must mention the profession and monthly income of the Parent.

And information of salary by the head of the concerned office including mentioning the title and salary scale of the working parent. Those of you who have taken the SSC exam this time.

sonali bank scholarship apply online

Students who have passed HSC or equivalent examination in 2020 and are currently studying at an undergraduate or equivalent level will be eligible to apply.

Sonali Bank Scholarship 2024 Apply

To apply at Sonali Bank, you need to apply online / submit the required documents online. In this case, photocopy of school-college certificate, attestation of citizen certificate, certificate by the chairman, all the information will be required.

In this case, if the annual income of your family is less than 1 lakh taka. Then you will be eligible to apply for the scholarship. Below are the documents required to apply.

sonali bank scholarship result 2024

You can also apply for Sonali Bank Scholarship. As you know, Sonali Bank is providing scholarships for poor meritorious students.

As you are aware, the application process for the 2024 stipend has started. You can complete the online application process. Fill in the website information.

Sonali Bank is offering one-time 10000 taka merit scholarship for poor meritorious students. So you can accept the scholarship of Sonali Bank. That is why there was a request to read carefully from the beginning to the end.

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