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BSTI Job Circular 2024, Question, Syllabus [Download Link]

If you want to know about the application circular of Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute i.e. BSTI, this post is for you. Today we will discuss about the application of BSTI Job Circular 2024.

So read the post with full attention without delay. BSTI is basically an organization under the Ministry of Industries. The work of this organization is mainly to check whether

the quantity of nutrients and other ingredients of various food items is correct. Moreover, they test different products to check whether they contain the right amount of essential

BSTI Job Circular 2024

ingredients or if there is an excess of harmful ingredients. If you want to become a member of BSTI then you have to apply in BSTI circular and get recruitment from there.

This circular was issued by BSTY on 31st May 2021. A circular is also likely to be published on November 10 in 2024. BSTI circular 2024 is likely to recruit several posts.

Notable among them are Assistant Director, Examiner, Office Assistant cum Computer Operator, Inspector, Field Officer etc. Besides, to name a few more posts, it can be said

BSTI exam questions 2024

that applications can be started for more posts including office assistant, and gardener. If you want to apply to them, you need to meet certain qualifications. Otherwise, you cannot apply.

BSTI Job Question 2024

If you want to apply for the post of Director Examiner, Office Assistant or Computer Operator, Field Officer etc. then you must be between 18 to 30 years and you must have completed Honors

and Masters communication in case of applying for the post of Examiner, Director etc. You must have computer skills while applying for Office Assistant Cum Computer Operator.

BSTI Job Circular 2024 pdf download

Otherwise, you cannot apply. In terms of computer skills you should have a typing speed of 20 words per minute in Bengali and 30 words per minute in English.

BSTI Job Circular 2024 Download

Some previous year exam questions of BSTI have been published on our website. You can download them if you want. Or you can see them. Accordingly, you can take your 2024

or next year exam preparation. If you want to see previous year questions, check other posts on our website. There are several questions expressed on this topic. You can download them in PDF file size if you want.

bsti exam syllabus 2024

If you want to apply to BSTI then you have to apply by visiting the below website. Linking to the website You can apply for specific posts by entering this link.

Go there and submit with various information and your application will be completed. Later you have to pay the amount by sending two SMS through

Teletalk SIM in specified rules mentioning the user ID. If you want to know more about this, see other posts on our website.

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