Allah 99 Names Bangla [Wikipedia & MP3] Download

Do you want to know about the 99 names of Allah? Or want to know the 99 names of Allah and the meaning of the names? If you want to know the name of Allah Ta’ala then read our post

from the beginning to the end with full attention. Because we have discussed in this post today about the 99 names of Allah and the meaning of the names. Allah Taala is One and Unique.

He has no partners. We are all servants of Allah. Allah created everything. Even Allah Ta’ala has created every human being and has created everything that humans need to survive

and Allah Ta’ala has sent us to this world to worship Allah Ta’ala. Every person is created by Allah, so the death of every person is in the hands of Allah.

Allah has 99 names. These 99 names have many different qualities and virtues. If someone takes the name of Allah or recites the name of Allah, then Allah gives him many rewards.

The 99 Names of Allah Ta’ala include- Al Muhaimin, Al Bari, Al Basit, Al Khabir, Ala Hakam, Al-Amin, Al Hafiz, Al Jalil, Al Karim, Al Mujib, Al Wasi, Al Warid, Al Mateen, Al Ahad,

As Samad, Al Qadir, Al Muqaddim, Al Awal, Al Akhir, Al Batin, Al Wali. And Rauf, Al-Jami’i, Al Mani’i, An Noor, Al Hadid, Al Baqi, And Rashid, Al Khaliq, Al Ghaffar,

Al Jabbar, Ar Rahman, Al Bashir, Al Quddus, Al Mujib, And Razzaq, As Salamu, Al Aziz. Apart from these names, Allah Ta’ala has many other names.

There are many people who want to memorize or read the 99 names of Allah Taala and for that many people want to download the 99 names of Allah Taala in Bengali audio or mp3.

So we have discussed in this post how you can download 99 Names of Allah in Bengali. If you want to download the audio of 99 names of Allah,

then you can download the names of Allah by visiting various websites. You can also download 99 names of Allah in Bengali mp3 from YouTube.

There are many people who want to know the 99 names of Allah Taala and want to know the meanings of the names so we have published in this post along with how many names of Allah Taala.

Al Khaliq is one of the 99 names of Allah Ta’ala. Which means the creator. Al Ghaffar means the Most Forgiving, Al Aziz means the Mighty, and Razzaq means the Provider,

As Sami means the All Hearer, Al Mujib means the Honorable, Al Basir means the All Seeing, Ar Rahman means the Most Merciful, Al Quddus means the Most Holy, As Salam means the giver of peace.

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