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SSC Exam 2024 Update News Today

You must be curious to know the information of 2024 SSC exam. I want to know when the routine information results will be published. Today we will present to you the result information of 2024 SSC exam and everything.

Read the article carefully from beginning to end. As you know, the syllabus of this year’s SSC examination has been changed due to Corona epidemic.

In other words, instead of 100 marks, SSC examination of 50 marks has been done. This time SSC examination has been held only on theoretical subjects.

ssc exam 2024 update news today

The SSC examination has been held in two shifts from November 14 to November 21. The result of SSC exam of 2024 has been released on 30 December 2024.

Those who wanted to know the information of 2024 SSC examination under the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. I would like to inform you through this. you know that this year’s SSC examination

was held on 14th October from 10:30 to 11:30 and from 2:00 to 3:30 in the afternoon. This time SSC examination has been held. Due to the epidemic, tests will be conducted by proper hygiene rules.

SSC exam 2024 in Bangladesh

The test must be taken 30 minutes before the start of the test. In this case, 9:30 unwritten answer sheet multiple choice OMR sheet will be distributed. Multiple choice question papers will be distributed at 10 am. 10:15 a.m. Multiple choice answer sheets will be collected and creative question papers will be distributed.

I hope you like it. Controversy has erupted over the short SSC and HSC exams that the education minister is talking about in November-December. And academics think that there is a hint of autopsy in his words.

Education Minister Dr. Dipumani said the short syllabus will have SSC exams in November and HSC exams in December. But it also depends on the situation.

ssc exam routine 2024

Assessment based assessment will be done if the situation is not favorable. The Ministry of Education has decided that corona infection is not a direct test unless it falls below five percent.

You know that SSC exam routine has been published. SSC Exam Routine 2024 has been published in PDF format. SSC Exam Schedule 2024 has been published by all the boards simultaneously.

Today, the SSC examination routine 2024 of all education boards will be discussed in detail. The Ministry of Education has published the SSC examination routine for 2024.

ssc exam 2024 kobe hobe

Last year, the government has decided to take the exam this year, even though the SSC candidates were given auto promotion. The SSC exam 2024 is starting from November 14 and it will end on November 23. The Ministry of Education has released the examination schedule on Monday, September 26.

Earlier on Sunday (September 27), the schedule of this SSC examination was approved by the Secondary and Higher Education Department of the Ministry.

So, friends, I have shared all the information with you through this article. About SSC Exam Results of SSC Exam have been published 30 December 2021. You can download the PDF file of 2024 SSC exam results from

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