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Nasirabad Govt High School Admission Lottery Result 2024 [নাসিরাবাদ সরকারি উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়]

Nasirabad Government High School is located in Chittagong District. Many students want to get admission in this reputed institution of Chittagong district. Today’s post is for those students.

Today in this post we will discuss about Nasirabad Government High School Admission Lottery Result. So without delay read this post with full attention.

In 2024 admission to secondary school will be through lottery. No student can be admitted through examination without lottery. Hence application for Secondary School Admission Lottery online

from 16th November 2020 to 6th December has been completed. The result of said application will be published on 12 December. If you have applied then you have to wait till 12th December.

The results will be announced at the International Mother Language Institute, Dhaka on December 12 at 2 pm. You can see the result online if you want.

The application for secondary school admission in 2024 was completed a few days ago. If you are successful in the said application then you have to get admission in the particular

institution within a certain time frame. This year, there was a rule to keep a minimum of five schools in the preference list for primary school applications.

Moreover, this year the said application is completed online. The said application is completed from website. 110 taka has to be deposited

as application fee in case of successful application this year. All students who have completed the application are given a user ID and a password.

Students can download application copy or application copy with that user id and password. Applicants must submit that copy to the school during the admission process.

Hence students must remember the user id and password. Moreover, you have to login with user id and password to view the lottery results. According to the Education Act 2010,

the age of the student must be at least 6 years for admission to the first class. Students below the age of six cannot be admitted to the first class.

Govt School Admission Lottery Result 2024

Nasirabad Govt High School Admission Lottery Result 2024

If a student has forgotten the user id and password then they can recover it very easily. If a student has forgotten the user ID and remembers the password,

then he can recover the user ID in the following manner. GSA<space>Help<space>PIN<space>PIN No should be sent to 16222. If a student has forgotten the password

and remembers the user ID, then those student can recover the password in the following way. GSA<space>Help<space>User<space>User ID should be sent to 16222.

In case of Madhyamik School Lottery Result Government School Lottery Result will be published on December 12 and Private School Lottery Result will be published on December 13.

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