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GP Promotional SMS Off 2023 Code [how to stop gp offer sms]

GP is one of the other mobile operators in our country. Nowadays, people use SIM cards of different operators in their mobile phones. GP strives to provide good service to its customers

and is constantly improving the quality of its network services. Due to which many people of our country are attracted to GP SIM. GP sends various types of SMS to their customers regularly.

These include various types of internet offers, SMS offers, minute offers. They also send more types of SMS. And we will discuss here today how to turn off or turn off GP SMS.

Also, we will discuss in detail here the rules to activate GP SMS. If you are interested in knowing all these details then check our full post. GP sends various types of SMS to their customers

on a regular basis. But many people don’t want to see those sms. For which they want to keep GP’s promotional SMS inactive. But they don’t understand how to deactivate the promotional SMS.

So we will inform you about this. If you are using a GP SIM and if you are constantly receiving various types of SMS on your SIM then you can easily deactivate them by dialing a code. And this code is – *121*1102#.

Dialing this code will deactivate the GP promotional SMS. Also, if you want, you can deactivate your promotional SMS by contacting GP customer care.

The contact number for GP customer care is 121. There are many people who use GP SIM and keep their GP SIM promotional SMS deactivated. But many times they want to reactivate those SMS for different needs.

But they don’t understand how to reactivate it. If you want to reactivate GP’s promotional SMS then you can activate it very easily by dialing a code. And this code is *121*1103#.

GP Promotional SMS Off

After dialing the code, if you want to check or want to know whether your promotional SMS has been activated, then you can check it by dialing this code *121*1101#.

We have discussed in detail in the above part of this post how you can disable or deactivate GP offer SMS. Also, we have discussed the code

to activate offer sms here. Check out our full post for details on all these. We have also discussed various GP offers in several other posts on our website.

Also, we have published several posts about various offers of other mobile operators. For more details on all these, see all the other posts on our website.

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